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Pin Vent Blades and Handles

Everhard Pin Vent Trimmer Blade

Everhard Heaters available with IEC Connector

Heater with international connectorEverhard heaters available with IEC Connector — Everhard’s knife and tool heaters are now available with an IEC connector.

This option simplifies the electrical connection for your global application. Everhard Products can supply heaters with country-specific
IEC cords, or you can purchase only the heaters and use your own IEC cords. Both heaters and cords are sold separately. Heaters and cord sets are UL-Listed.

Contact the Everhard Products Sales Department for minimum order quantities and pricing —

1-800-298-2832 or 330-453-7786 outside the U.S.

Everhard’s ML09020 Projector Bulb

Everhard ML09020 Projector Bulb