Line Projectors

Laser Line Projectors

ML09550 Line ProjectorFEATURES

  • EASY TO SET UP: Fixed focus line — no focus adjustment required, which saves time.
  • SAFE: Class II rating, approved by the FDA through the CDRH — means that the diode’s power is less than 1 mW and considered eye-safe so no protective eyewear is required.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: All Everhard’s laser line projectors use brackets and positioners designed to fit a 1″ mounting bar — so any components can be easily integrated and new line projectors can be installed in existing setups. Power supply plugs into a 120VAC outlet.
  • RUGGED AND RELIABLE: Sapphire Lens cap keeps out dust and dirt, and is scratch-resistant. Voltage regulator protects the laser module from electrical spikes and transients. Integrated circuit board serves as an extra protection against voltage variances.

NOTE: We strongly recommend users review the Installation/Operation Instructions, Safety Information, and Warranty, all packaged with the product, before using the laser line projector. This product has a limited, two-year warranty.


  • Mounting Brackets
  • Positioners
  • Power Supplies
  • Incandescent Line Projectors

ML09550 Laser line projector, 1mm red line ML09550 Line Projector
ML09730 Laser line projector, 2mm green line ML09730 Laser Line Projector
ML09750 Laser line projector, 1mm green line ML09750 Everhard Laser Line Projector
ML09760 Laser projector, 1.5mm green crosshair ML09760 Crosshair Projector
Laser Line Projector Positioners

ML09505 Lase Line Projector PositionerEverhard’s line projector positioners can be used with any of Everhard’s laser line projectors.


  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Positive position locking mechanism
  • Mounts on a 1″ bar


  • Mounting Brackets

ML09500 Laser line projector positioner, manual, 7" ML09500 Laser Line Projector Positioner
ML09505 Laser line projector positioner, manual, 3" ML09505 Lase Line Projector Positioner
ML09540 Laser line projector positioner, center line ML09540 Laser Line Projector Positioner
Laser Line Projector Accessories

ML09451 AC/DC converter Everhard ML09451 AC/DC Converter
ML09580 Mounting bracket, swivel Everhard ML09580 Laser Line Projector Mounting Bracket
Incandescent Line Projectors

ML09010 Line ProjectorEverhard’s incandescent line projector creates a thin, sharp, uniform line of white light on a still or moving surface.


  • Accuracy — The 1/16″ (1.59 mm) wide line is fine, sharp, and easy to see. Projecting a sharp, bright line helps to ensures proper material alignment.
  • Easy to Use — Compact size combined with simple mounting and adjustment make incandescent projectors ideal for tread centering, sidewall alignment, and tire ply alignment.
  • Cycle Capacity — Incandescent projector can be turned “on” and “off” to conserve life of projector lamp (sold separately).

IMPORTANT NOTE: The ML09020 projector lamp is sold separately from the line projector. The ML09020 projector lamp is a direct replacement for the Fairway #68 projector lamp. Call 1-800-298-2832 for more information or to order.

NOTE: Users should review the Installation/Operation Instructions and the Safety Information, both packaged with the product, before using the incandescent line projector.


  • Line Projectors, Laser

ML09010 Incandescent line projector Everhard ML09010 Line Projector
Incandescent Line Projector Parts

Everhard Incandescent Line Projector PartsParts for incandescent line projectors are available from Everhard Products —

  • Projector Bulb
  • Lamp Cover
  • Socket Assembly
  • Lens Retaining Ring – Outer
  • Replacement Lens

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ML09020 Projector lamp Everhard ML09020 Projector Bulb
ML09031 Socket assembly Everhard ML09031 Projector Socket