Incandescent Line Projectors

ML09010 Line ProjectorEverhard’s incandescent line projector creates a thin, sharp, uniform line of white light on a still or moving surface.


  • Accuracy — The 1/16″ (1.59 mm) wide line is fine, sharp, and easy to see. Projecting a sharp, bright line helps to ensures proper material alignment.
  • Easy to Use — Compact size combined with simple mounting and adjustment make incandescent projectors ideal for tread centering, sidewall alignment, and tire ply alignment.
  • Cycle Capacity — Incandescent projector can be turned “on” and “off” to conserve life of projector lamp (sold separately).

IMPORTANT NOTE: The ML09020 projector lamp is sold separately from the line projector. The ML09020 projector lamp is a direct replacement for the Fairway #68 projector lamp. Call 1-800-298-2832 for more information or to order.

NOTE: Users should review the Installation/Operation Instructions and the Safety Information, both packaged with the product, before using the incandescent line projector.


  • Line Projectors, Laser
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