Heaters - Type KLGT (w/thermostat)

Everhard Type KLG HeaterType KLG electric heaters heat rubber cutting knives, trim blades, burn-in knives, and other tools requiring heat for efficient performance. To increase safety, heaters are equipped with a pilot light, and a perforated guard to prevent contact with heater surfaces. The Type KLGT heater comes with a thermostat.


  • UL-Listed — safety tested and certified by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.
  • Heaters come to full heat quickly and maintain constant heat.
  • Separate heater allows greater flexibility and safety compared with an “all-in-one” cord-connected heated tool — no tangled cords or restricted work space.
  • Oven is accessible from front and back for multiple tool heating.
  • Adaptable for European electrical settings.

7″ wide x 6-3/4″ high (Length is 10″ to 14″ long depending on model.)


  • Spring clip, mounted to interior of oven —
    Secures tool in place and allows better contact with heating element, allowing faster heat transfer.
  • Non-hook wear plate, mounted to interior of oven —
    Allows easier insertion and removal of knives or tools.
  • Closed back, with opening in front only —
    The closed back option reduces draft through the heater. (Standard heaters have open back.)
  • Thermostat, allows user to set and control oven temperature —
    KPGT and KLGT heaters include a thermostat for heaters used in applications requiring less temperature variation. Heaters with the thermostat option have their own model numbers.


  • Type KLPT Heaters
  • Type KLG Heaters
  • Precise-temp Heaters

NOTE: Maximum temperatures indicated for all heater models are to be used as a guideline only. Actual temperature achieved for each model is determined by user application, operating conditions, and the size and shape of the tool or knife being heated.

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