Heaters - Precise-temperature

Everhard Precise-temperature heaterEverhard’s Precise-temperature heater uses an internal precision thermostat for highly accurate temperature control. The heater has a thermostat control screw behind a rear tamper-proof cover plate, accessible only by using a special tool bit (included). The operating temperature can be monitored with any digital Type K-compatible thermometer (not included). The heater compartment features a closed back to decrease temperature variation, and a spring steel hold-down to ensure that the tool stays in direct contact with the heater element.


  • UL-Listed — safety tested and certified by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.
  • Precise temperature control thermostat maintains required set point within +/-10 – 15°F. Maximum heater temperature is 750°F.
  • Tamper-proof cover plate over thermostat control prevents unwanted changes in desired temperature for heater.
  • Supervisor can verify heater core temperature using a Type K-compatible thermometer.
  • Closed back minimizes air movement within heater element, which provides a more consistent temperature.
  • Spring hold-down clip holds knife securely in place and provides direct contact to heater element allowing faster heat transfer.
  • Perforated steel guard is a safety feature that protects users from coming in contact with heater.

4-3/16″ wide x 4-7/8″ high x 7″ long


  • Everhard can pre-set the heater temperature to your specifications.


  • Type KPG Heaters
  • Type KPGT Heaters
  • Type KLG Heaters
  • Type KLGT Heaters

NOTE: The maximum temperature indicated for all heater models is a guideline only. Actual temperature achieved for each model is determined by application, operating conditions, and size, shape, and condition of the knife or tool being heated.

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